Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kris Kringle Album

Well here are some of the photos of a kris kringle gift that I have made. I have used papers and embellishments from the Kaiser Everblooming range.

This year our kris kringle theme for work is 'handmade' (and it wasn't even my idea!!!) so I made this album for the person I got. I have made it so it is not themed and can be used for male, female, couples and even child(ren), and she can just add photos to it. But now after looking at it ... guess what ... I don't want to give it away (isn't that always the case!!!). Neil says that I made it specifically for kris kringle and so I SHOULD give it and I can always make another one ... my reply to him is ... does that mean I can go shopping for the supplies!!!!

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