Monday, November 24, 2008

how to do the border on the thankyou card below

Soccerboyzmum I hope you are reading this as I am not sure how to contact you to give you the instructions on creating the embossed border of the thankyou card so I will put them here:
1. the face of the card is best measured at 14.8cm x 14.8cm
2. line up the edge of the card in the folder (use the longest side of the folder for this size card) so 3 lines of dots are embossed (you could do more if you like) there will be a gap at one end that doesn't matter as it will be embossed as you go around.
3. run it through the bigshot or die cutting machine
4. repeat step 2 you will notice the 3 lines of embossing dots now fills the gap that was left at the end of the first side you embossed (does that make sense?)
5. keep repeating this until all 4 sides are done.

I hope this is clear enough but the most important thing is to use the long side of the folder for a card that is 14.8cm x 14.8cm

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